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ScenarioRunner for CARLA

This repository contains traffic scenario definition and an execution engine for CARLA. It also allows the execution of a simulation of the CARLA Challenge. You can use this system to prepare your agent for the CARLA Challenge.

Scenarios can be defined through a Python interface, and with the newest version the scenario_runner also the upcoming OpenSCENARIO standard is supported.

Scenario_Runner for CARLA

Getting the ScenarioRunner

Use git clone or download the project from this page. Note that the master branch contains the latest fixes and features, and may be required to use the latest features from CARLA.

It is important to also consider the release version that has to match the CARLA version.

To use a particular version you can either download the corresponding tarball or simply checkout the version tag associated to the release (e.g. git checkout v0.9.5)

Currently no build is required, as all code is in Python.

Using the ScenarioRunner

Please take a look at our Getting started documentation.


Please take a look at our [Contribution guidelines][Docs/].


If you run into problems, check our FAQ.


ScenarioRunner specific code is distributed under MIT License.